La trouille is a very common colloquial synonym of la peur: “fear”. Note that “to be afraid” is normally avoir peur, but colloquially avoir la trouille.

Ça me fait pas rire, tu sais bien que j’ai la trouille des araignées !
It’s not funny, you know I’m afraid of spiders!

Ah, c’est toi ? Tu m’as fichu la trouille !
Oh, it’s you? You scared me!

A derived word is un trouillard: a coward. Other colloquial expressions for “to be afraid” include avoir les jetons and avoir les pétoches. Jeton normally means “token”, don’t ask me where this expression comes from.

Another word, used mostly by young people, is flipper: “to freak out”. A derived word is flippant, scary.

Y a un bruit bizarre, ça me fait flipper.
There’s a weird sound, it scares me.

Listen to the examples:

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