Taré, cinglé, dingue

The French language has many synonyms for “crazy”. The basic word is fou, but there are several colloquial synonyms. The most common are taré, cinglé and dingue.

C’est un taré, ce mec, t’approche pas de lui.
This guy is mad, don’t go anywhere near him.

Ça me rend dingue, ce bruit !
This noise is driving me crazy!

Ils sont tous cinglés dans cette maison !
They’re all nuts in that house!

The word dingue (but not taré and cinglé) also has the additional meaning of “surprising”, “incredible”.

Tu ressembles beaucoup à mon frère, c’est dingue !
You look just like my brother, it’s crazy!

Listen to the examples:

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