Se tirer

The French language has many words for “to leave” (and to ask people to live). The usual words are partir and s’en aller, but there are several colloquial equivalents such as se tirer. Tirer means “to pull”, I am not sure how these meanings are related.

Tire-toi d’ici !
Go away from here!

Other common words are se casser and se barrer. Again, the original meaning of the words are very different: casser means “to break” and barrer “to bar” or “to strike out”.

Vous me saoulez, je me casse.
You’re annoying me, I’m leaving.

Elle est où ? Elle s’est déjà barrée ?
Where is she? Did she already leave?

These words are not very polite. If you are at a party and you want to leave, say j’y vais. If you say je me casse, it will imply that you don’t want to be here.

Listen to the examples:

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