Recommendations: series and movies

Movies and music are always good resources to learn a foreign language. But some of them use a formal language you will never hear in a colloquial conversation. Therefore I would like to suggest a few media which feature everyday, colloquial French.

Here are a few TV series I like:

  • Bref: this is a series with very short episodes that became very popular in 2012. The narrator speaks very quickly, but it is a good representation of the modern life of young Parisians.
  • Caméra Café: a series with 3-minute episodes about office life. The humor is not very subtle, but the show was quite popular and was adapted in many countries.
  • Kaamelott: it also features 3-minute episodes (in the first seasons). It is a version of the Arthurian legend where most knights of the Round Table are incompetent idiots. Some of the first episodes are not really funny, but the later seasons are hilarious. You probably need quite a high level of French in order to understand it well, though, because there is a lot of slang (I even learned some expressions myself).
  • South Park: seriously. I usually watch movies and series in their original language, but in my opinion the French dub of South Park is extremely good and the guy who does Cartman’s voice is a genius. You’ll learn a lot of profanities, so be careful.

I also recommend watching French YouTubers. Some of them are quite funny, and they speak in the language most young French people actually speak in daily life. The most popular are Norman and Cyprien.

As you may have noticed, I like humorous series and movies. It seems to me that humorists often use colloquial language (not always, though: Pierre Desproges  expressed himself in a very literary French), so I recommend to watch stand-up comedy or any recent comedy film.

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