Un pigeon is… yep, you guessed it: a pigeon.

Un pigeon. (Wikimedia Commons)

However, it as another colloquial meaning: un pigeon is also someone who can be easily tricked or scammed, a dupe, a sucker.

Ce film est pourri, ils prennent vraiment les spectateurs pour des pigeons.
This movie sucks, they really think the viewers are dupes.

T’as vu le prix des fraises ? Ils nous prennent pour des pigeons ?
Have you seen the price of strawberries? Are they trying to scam us?

J’ai pas acheté leur magazine, je suis pas un pigeon.
I didn’t buy their magazine, I’m not easily tricked.

There is also the verb pigeonner, which means “to sucker”, “to fool”, “to trick”.

Ils ont réussi à me convaincre d’acheter leur assurance, je me suis fait complètement pigeonner.
They managed to convince me to buy their insurance, I got completely conned.

Listen to the examples:

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