Péter is a colloquial word whose primary meaning is “to fart”. The derived noun (“a fart”) is un pet.

It also has another very common meaning: it is a synonym of  casser, “to break”.

J’ai pété un verre.
I broke a glass.

Elle s’est pété la jambe au ski.
She broke her leg while skiing.

It can also mean “to explode”.

C’est n’importe quoi ce film, en vrai les bagnoles pètent pas aussi facilement.
This movie is nonsense, in reality cars don’t blow up this easily.

Un homme a menacé de « tout faire péter » avec une grenade. (Source)
A man threatened to “blow everything up” with a hand grenade.

Péter also occurs in many expressions. One of them is se la péter, which means “to brag”. Don’t ask me what la refers to, just learn it as a set phrase.

Il se la pète depuis qu’il a son diplôme.
He’s been bragging since he got his diploma.

Finally, faire péter can mean “to blow something up” like in the example above, but it is also a very informal way to say “to give” or “to bring”.

Fais péter une bière !
Gimme a beer!

Listen to the examples:

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