Le nickel is a metal also called “nickel” in English.

Un morceau de nickel. (Wikimedia Commons)
Un morceau de nickel. (Wikimedia Commons)

A clean nickel surface is apparently supposed to be especially smooth and shiny, that’s why this word became slang for “exceptionally clean”, “spotless”. It can also mean “perfect”, “bang on”.

Range ta chambre, je veux qu’elle soit nickel !
Clean your room, I want it to be perfectly clean!

— Je suis libre demain soir, ça te va ?
Nickel !
— I am free tomorrow night, is it okay for you?
— Perfect!

There is even a stronger variant: nickel chrome. It’s apparently cleaner when you add chromium.

J’ai fait le ménage dans la salle de bain, maintenant elle est nickel chrome.
I cleaned the bathroom, now it’s spotless.

Listen to the examples:

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