Non-colloquially, griller means “to toast” or “to grill”. Colloquially, however, it has different meanings. One of them is “to run a red light or a stop sign”: griller un feu (rouge) or griller un stop.

J’ai failli me faire renverser par un taré qui a grillé le feu rouge.
I almost got hit by a crazy guy who didn’t stop at the red light.

It also means “to catch someone red-handed”.

Il est privé de sortie parce que sa mère l’a grillé en train de piquer du blé dans son porte-monnaie.
He is grounded because his mother caught him stealing money in her purse.

Another meaning related to the last one is “to discredit” (usually because you have been caught doing something bad).

T’es grillé, personne te fera plus jamais confiance.
You’re done, nobody is ever going to trust you again.

Listen to the examples:

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