Un gosse is a colloquial word for “a kid”.

Je dois aller chercher les gosses à l’école.
I have to pick up the kids at school.

Un sale gosse is not a dirty kid, but a brat. Sale normally means “dirty”, but it is often used to strengthen insults.

Y a des sales gosses qui ont mis des pétards dans ma boîte aux lettres.
Some brats put firecrackers into my mailbox.

Another colloquial word for “kid” is gamin. It is sometimes used to mean “a childish person”.

Ça te fait encore rire, ce genre de blagues ? T’es vraiment un gamin.
Do these kinds of jokes still make you laugh? You’re rally immature.

Note: in French-speaking Canada, un gosse is not used, but une gosse is a vulgar word for “testicle”. Be careful!

Listen to the examples:

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