Today’s word is not especially appetizing, but you might still hear it: gerber means “to vomit”.

J’aime pas le poisson, rien que l’odeur me donne envie de gerber.
I don’t like fish, even the smell makes me want to throw up.

La gerbe means “nausea” and is mostly used with verbs such as avoir la gerbe or donner la gerbe.

Les montagnes russes, ça me file la gerbe.
Roller coasters make me want to puke.

Note that the first meaning of gerbe is “sheaf” or even “bouquet” (une gerbe de fleurs). Gerber can mean “to sheaf” or “to stack” (especially goods in a store), but if you use it, most people will think of the slang meaning (well, I will).

Another slang word meaning “to throw up” is dégueuler, and a still colloquial but less vulgar synonym is dégobiller. The usual word for “to vomit” is vomir.

Listen to the examples:

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