The first meaning of la flotte is “fleet”. But it also is a slang word that means “water”. Yes, in French there is a slang word for water.

Y a un problème avec l’évier, y a de la flotte partout dans la cuisine !
There’s something wrong with the sink, there’s water everywhere in the kitchen!

Pourquoi t’achètes des bouteilles de flotte alors que l’eau du robinet est gratuite ?
Why do you buy bottled water when tap water is free?

Flotte is also a form of the verb flotter, which means “to float”. Coloquially, it also means “to rain”.

On a dû annuler l’excursion, il a flotté toute la journée.
We had to cancel the excursion, it rained all day long.

Listen to the examples:

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