Filer, refiler

Today’s word, filer, has several meanings. Non-colloquially, it means “to spin” or “to thread”. Colloquially, it means “to leave”, “to go away”.

J’ai un rendez-vous, faut que je file.
I have an appointment, I have to go.

It can also mean “to give”.

J’adore ton gâteau, tu peux me filer la recette ?
I love your cake, can you give me the recipe?

File-moi les clés de la bagnole.
Give me the car keys.

A similar word is “refiler”. It means “to pass on”, “to transmit”, usually a problem.

J’arrête pas de tousser, je crois que tu m’as refilé ton rhume.
I can’t stop coughing, I think you gave me your cold.

Le distributeur m’a refilé un faux billet !
The ATM gave me a fake note!

Listen to the examples:

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