Engueuler is an informal (almost vulgar) word that means “to scold”. It is derived from the word gueule. Non-colloquial synonyms include gronder, réprimander and disputer.

Il faut que je rentre, sinon mon père va m’engueuler.
I have to go home or else my father is going to scold me.

A colloquial synonym is enguirlander, which, unlike engueuler, is not vulgar at all.

Je me suis fait enguirlander parce que j’ai oublié de faire mes devoirs.
I got told off because I forgot to do my homework.

Let’s go back to engueuler: the reflexive version, s’engueuler, means “to argue”, “to have a row”.

Les voisins sont encore en train de s’engueuler.
The neighbors are having a row again.

The derived noun, une engueulade, can mean both “argument” or “telling off”.

Listen to the examples:

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  1. was just trying to spell-check the word I THOUGHT was Fr slang for le film, that is, le flick or flic or ….

    Is it French patois for film, and if so, what’s the GRAS (generally regarded as safe) spelling?

    Also, what’s with d’accord, is it? (Daaah CORE). I had a lawyer pal who used it all the time as in commenting on what someone was saying, engaged in conversation. Kind of like a “yup, yup, I getcha” d’accord daccord, yeah, got it. know whatcha mean, i’m there, I’m witcha buddy (almost like a speaker’s “y’know,, like, y’know–and doesn’t respond well to “No, I actually don’t know. Tell me about it.

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