If you look in a dictionary, it will tell you that dalle means “slab”. However, I can think of two colloquial phrases where this word has a completely different meaning.

The first one is avoir la dalle, which means avoir faim, i.e. “to be hungry”.

J’ai la dalle, on bouffe quand ?
I’ve got the munchies, when do we eat?

You can also say crever la dalle (as well as crever de faim or the non-colloquial mourir de faim, “to starve”) if you are very hungry.

Je crève la dalle et y a plus rien dans le frigo.
I’m starving and there’s nothing left in the fridge.

The other phrase is que dalle, which means “nothing”.

Je pige que dalle à la politique.
I understand jack shit about politics.

Note that unlike rien, que dalle does not come after a past participe: you would say J’ai rien compris but J’ai compris que dalle.

Listen to the examples:

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