Choper is a very common slang verb whose primary meaning is “to catch”, “to get”. It also has a verlan version, pécho.

Il a chopé le ballon.
He caught the ball.

J’ai chopé le numéro de la fille du resto.
I got the number of the girl from the restaurant.

Je me suis fait choper par les flics hier soir, je roulais à 80 en ville.
I got caught by the cops yesterday, I was driving at 80 km/h in a town.

Je peux pas aller bosser aujourd’hui, j’ai chopé la grippe.
I can’t go to work today, I caught the flu.

Another meaning of choper and pécho is “to seduce”.

On va pécho des meufs en boîte !
Let’s go hook up with chicks in the nightclub!

Listen to the examples:

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