Cailler is a slang word meaning “to be cold”. It is often used impersonally (“ça caille“) when talking about the temperature of a room or the weather. Using it with a personal subject (“je caille“) est possible, but less common.

Ferme la fenêtre, ça caille ici !
Close the window, it’s freaking cold here!

Comment ça se fait que ça caille autant alors qu’on est en mai ?
How come it’s so cold even though it’s May?

The non-slang meaning of cailler is “to curdle”, often used when talking about milk.

Another verb for cold is geler, which means “to freeze”. It is often used as se les geler (I think the pronoun les stands for an unnamed body part). Another synonym is se les peler (peler normally means “to peel”).

Je suis allé en Russie en hiver, je me les suis gelées.
I went to Russia during the winter, I got completely frozen.

Montez le chauffage, on se les pèle !
Turn up the heater, we’re freezing here!

Listen to the examples:

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