Bouffer is a colloquial, maybe slightly vulgar synonym of manger, “to eat”.

J’ai mal au ventre, je crois que j’ai trop bouffé.
My stomach is hurting, I think I ate too much.

J’ai plus rien à bouffer, faut que j’aille faire les courses.
I have nothing left to eat, I have to go shopping.

Je vais te faire bouffer tes parents en chili.
I’m gonna make you eat your parents in a chili.

La bouffe means “food”, sometimes also “meal”. It’s not a very polite word: if someone invites you for a meal, avoir calling their food bouffe.

Je déteste la bouffe de la cantine.
I hate the food of the cafeteria.

Il faudrait qu’on se fasse une bouffe un de ces jours.
We should eat together some time.

J’adore mon coloc, il est parti pour le week-end en laissant traîner une poêle avec de la bouffe dedans, sans la mettre au frigo.
I love my flatmate: he left for the weekend and left a pan lying around with food in it without putting it into the fridge.

Speaking of food, you can learn the word le frigo, meaning “fridge”, very common because réfrigérateur is too long. Coloc is short for colocataire, “flatmate”.

Listen to the examples:

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