Today we are going to learn a very common word: bof. It usually answers question and means “not really yes, not really no”. It indicates indifference or a lack of enthusiam. Basically, you can translate it as “meh”.

— Ça te dit d’aller au resto ?
Bof, pas trop.
— You wanna go to the restaurant?
— Meh, not really.

It can also mean “not really good”.

— Alors, il était comment, le film ?
— Plutôt bof.
— So, how was the movie?
— Not really good.

Do not confuse bof with beauf! They are pronounced differently: the eau of beauf is a closed O, while the O in bof is open. Unless you are from the South of France, in which case they are both open.

Another similar word is mouais: it is derived from ouais (“yeah”), but the m makes it sound more apathetic.

Mouais, j’ai pas trop le choix de toute façon…
Okay, I don’t really have a choice anyway…

Listen to the examples:

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