Une bagnole is a common slang word for “car”.

Son mec s’intéresse qu’aux bagnoles.
Her boyfriend is interested only in cars.

Je me suis acheté une nouvelle bagnole.
I bought a new car.

Des bagnoles sur le périph. (Wikimedia Commons)
Des bagnoles sur le périphérique. (Wikimedia Commons)

Note that the usual, non-colloquial word for “car”, une voiture, is also frequent in colloquial French. Une automobile is too formal and une auto is quite uncommon (it sounds a little old-fashioned to me).

Two other slang words are une caisse (which usually means “crate”, “box” or “cash register”) and une tire. They are a little less common than bagnole.

Alors, tu la bouges, ta caisse ?
Move your damn car! (You may hear this sentence from angry drivers in traffic jams.)

Here are a few other car-related words. The French words for traffic jams are un embouteillage (not colloquial) and des bouchons (slightly colloquial, but you may hear it in non-colloquial situations). The primary meaning of un bouchon is “cork”.

There is a very busy ring road around Paris officially called boulevard périphérique. Nobody calls it this way, though, people say le périphérique, or just le périph.

Y a encore des bouchons sur le périph.
The ring road is jammed again.

Listen to the examples:

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